Policy and Objectives

American International Accreditation Organization for Certification Bodies will provide service to the satisfaction of its customers in accordance with the national and international norms. It is committed to provide equal opportunity to all the applicants with highest regard to transparency, integrity, and confidentiality. 
The Board has decided to provide accreditation services to certification / Inspection Bodies established as legal entities within the all over word nations. However relevant locations of the certification / inspection body in other countries may be included in the accreditation process.The Board will strive for the international recognition of its accreditation schemes through international and regional forums like IAF.

The above said policy is pursued by complying to the ISO/IEC 17011 “Conformity assessment — General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies” and other relevant international/national standards and IAF Guidance Documents.

What is AIAO-BAR and how can it benefit your organization?

The AIAO-BAR is a trade organization that accredits conformity assesment bodies in accordance with internationally recognized guides and standards. AIAO-BAR also recognizes auditors wishing to demonstrate their competence to various parties internationally. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, AIAO-BAR connects EU, Asia, and other emerging regions to the US economy by meeting the growing need for internationally recognized accreditation services.

AIAO-BAR gives conformity assesment bodies (registrars) the recognition they need to do business in an increasingly global marketplace. Accreditation through AIAO can significantly increase the visibility of registrars on the worldwide business scene.

AIAO-BAR’s Mission

The mission of AIAO-BAR is to help organizations worldwide become more competitive by ensuring the adequacy of their products, services and personnel, as well as the general effectiveness of organization management.