AIAO-BAR Provides Accreditation Services to Internationally Recognized Third party QMS, EMS, IT Security & Other Management System Certification Organizations

What is AIAO-BAR and how can it benefit your organization?
The AIAO-BAR is a trade organization that accredits conformity assesment bodies in accordance with internationally recognized guides and standards. AIAO-BAR also recognizes auditors wishing to demonstrate their competence to various parties internationally. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, AIAO-BAR connects EU, Asia, and other emerging regions to the US economy by meeting the growing need for internationally recognized accreditation services.

AIAO-BAR gives conformity assesment bodies (registrars) the recognition they need to do business in an increasingly global marketplace. Accreditation through AIAO can significantly increase the visibility of registrars on the worldwide business scene.

AIAO-BAR’s Mission
The mission of AIAO-BAR is to help organizations worldwide become more competitive by ensuring the adequacy of their products, services and personnel, as well as the general effectiveness of organization management.


  • Accreditation of Quality and Environmental and Social Responsibility Conformity Assesment Bodies
  • Accreditation of Training Course Providers
  • Program for Extended Phase-in for ISO 9001:2008 / 2015

Excerpt from the ISO website:

“In most countries, accreditation is a choice, not an obligation and the fact that a certification body is not accredited does not, by itself, mean that it is not a reputable organization. For example, a certification body operating nationally in a highly specific sector might enjoy such a good reputation that it does feel there is any advantage for it to go to the expense of being accredited. That said, many certification bodies choose to seek accreditation, even when it is not compulsory, in order to demonstrate an independent confirmation of their competence.”